I decided to share my experience in leadership positions in the last 30 years and specially the last five as CEO of a large business in BT, a global telecommunications player.

I wanted to leave all those lessons learned in a format that could be useful to as many people as possible. A working book was the best way I found. This website should be the complement to it. 

In an interview for Expansion, just as I announced I was leaving BT, Roberto Casado mentioned that writting a book was part of my future plans. Roberto and Amparo Polo were one of the first to see the actual printed book, I met them just few days before the book was going to be fully available. I wanted to show that I have fulfilled my comittment. They are great journalists. I have learned a lot from them.

The book started to be written in June 2017. When I had a good number of pages I tested the first chapter with few people. I then decided to restructure and restart with the support of an experienced publisher. Panoma Press and Mindy was my choice. They helped me to put some method and  organized my work in a more effective way. 


On the 11th of January the full text of the book was finished. It was the time for the beta readers who took the time and care to read, challenge and comment on what I have written. I am immesely grateful to all of them as I recognize in the Acknowledgements of the book.

In order to structure the content of the book, I used mindmaps. It is a powerful technique that I learned many years ago. A mindmap allows you to reflect in a visual way a number of ideas with the level of detail you need. Then, if you have done it and your are convinced about which maps cover what you want to tell, it is about writing down the text and stories to support your main thoughts.

I had a mindmap per chapter and the first phase of writing the book was to feel happy about them. There were a number of iterations until we were sure.



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