“The mystery of being a CEO revealed. The book where no book existed before. Unexplored territory, sharing real experiences to inspire the reader.” Claire Mason, CEO Man bites dog.


“The book I would have loved to read when I started.” Conor Neill, CEO Vistage. IESE leadership professor.


“Stimulating, thought provoking and inspiring leadership guide.” Gary Heffernan, CEO Accenture UK


“Easy to read, clear and engaging, with powerful anecdotes that bring the points being made to life.”  Victor Bravo, COO Europe, BT Global Services. 


 “A great book for anyone that wishes to become a CEO, or is already one who needs to create a high-performance organisation and produce change in a digital world.” Rodolfo Carpentier, CEO DAD Investments.


“Thank you, Luis, for sharing your leadership experience in such a fantastic way.” Soledad Tamariz-Martel, Digital Transformation Director, Santander Consumer Finance.


 “Whether an experienced CEO, the MD of a division of a big company or an aspiring or first-time CEO/MD, there is something in this book for everyone.” Joy McCormack, Director Board Development, 3i Group. 

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