These are the bricks in my office coming from around the globe. They were signed spontaneously by people to share their commitment with "The Cathedral" we were building.(Page 50)

The first one is the one at the top signed by the leadership team at the time. The last contribution was made by IP Trade team just few weeks before I left. We used the symbolism of building a piece of art together to share our joint ambition based on a strong vision. It also inspired a lot of us to do our best possible job because we were part of such a magnificient project. Everybody had a contribution to make.



We have lived and we continue to live a remarkable transformation of the Telecomms industry. From "The Cable Girls" equipment which made first telephone conversations possible, to digital exchanges where those connections are established in fractions of a second. (Page 180)

These evolution bring challenges in the way we work and how we think. Traditional business models are no longer feasible. This requires a transformation of all the organization and the ability to reinvent your business. 

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