Running a radio programme is a fascinating experience. You have the opportunity to discuss with business leaders about the role of the CEO: the challenges and the satisfactions you face. 

Every thursday at midnight for around half an hour you can enjoy the conversation in :  Capital Radio


You have also the podcasts to download them.


Enjoy the knowledge, wisdom and experience of these people. You always learn something.

I enjoy sharing what I learned. My aspiration is that my experiences can help people who are facing similar challenges. 


My TedxTalk in the IESE cohort of April 2018 was a great experience. I talked about how "connecting with your kids you can be a better leader".







Can the CEO be replaced by a robot?


I published this blog for the World Economic Forum in Januray 2017. It was a moment on reflection about what AI can bring and how it can affect any job. The debate is still going and it will be for the coming years  as AI becomes more widely used and human beings need to find their actual added value to processes and services. Leaders responsibility is to ensure we balance productivity with support to people.

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